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All Purpose Sauce – A CLASSIC! It's made with perfection and adds a unique taste, sensation to any kind of meat, style of steak and barbecue, or even seafood. The unique taste of the Zatch Master brand turns ordinary foods into delicious dishes - instantly! Our Original recipe was inspired by years of dining and cooking experience.

Our brand of sauces is formulated to have a cleaner finish, and bolder flavors – "30% less sodium," "uses grade A sweetener," and has a "NON-GMO” status.

Taste the difference... Unequalled in its freshness and flavor – Smooth, rich – Savor this bold clean, full-bodied brand of sauces, guaranteed to redefine the sauce industry, forever. Our brand of sauces can be used before, during, or after cooking. 

Zatch Master's sauces are always made with PRIDE, QUALITY, CLASS, STANDARD, and always with high quality ingredients and have "NO PRESERVATIVES, NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS, AND NO MSG.”

Available in Two Distinct Flavors: "Original" and "Spicy".

About Zatch Master

Zatch Master Company is owned and operated by Zach Lao-Mondragon, San Diego, CA. 

Zatch Master's All Purpose Steak and BBQ Sauce (Original) was developed in Atlanta Georgia. 

The secret formula of the "Original" Sauce has been with Zach for years. With his background of chemistry and business, it was perfected in Athens, and Atlanta, Georgia in 2004. 

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Where to Buy

Available at these retail locations: 

Sprouts Farmers Market

878 Eastlake Parkway

Chula Vista, CA 91914 

Sprouts Farmers Market

690 3rd Avenue

Chula Vista, CA 91910 

Seaside Market (Cardiff) 

2087 San Elijo Ave

Cardiff, CA 92007 

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For General Information, Inquiry for Wholesale, and Distribution, Please Contact: 

Zatch Master Company: San Diego, CA Email: